mTorrent from Invoke Mobile.-

..not available for the android os yet, i use the fu-torrent app from the android market anyway (new version just released) but this link came from the site, looks like new ish is in the works; this and over the web remote torrent download control.

mTorrent from Invoke Mobile

The application should work on any phone with the following requirements:

1. Supports J2me (note that iphone does not support j2me so it is not supported at the moment also we do not support blackberry devices)

2. 3G or above network

3. Resolution screen of 240 pixel width or above.

We have tested the application on many handsets and adapted it to work on them however we cannot guarantee it will work on all handsets. Since the download is free you can test the application on your mobile phone and if you have problems please email our support with the model name and country you are connecting from. Please read terms of use before downloading the application.
when you start, please make sure:

1.Your connection settings-access points are set to ‘Internet’.
2. This application can consume a lot of MB so you need an unlimited or a very large internet package from your mobile network provider in order to avoid unnecessary costs.


5 Replies to “mTorrent from Invoke Mobile.-”

  1. why mtorrent is nt downloadin .avi files? I am usin sony eric naite. And everydy am dwnlo much sngs in mtorrent. When i searc fr a .avi movie, sumtim shows this content nt support, sumtim it is downloa .3gp automatically. How to dwnlo .avi, i mean ‘as it is’?


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