currently working, but writing this blog since i’m waiting on damn uploads of files ;]

teradesk_logoso i sign up for everything, and i got this email inviting me to join and sign up for this beta testing for something i had never heard about: Teradesk.

it’s a hella interesting file sharing/remote access/file synchronizing client that is so awesome because it integrates devices such as .. AN ANDROID ‘mo-puter’

It has a desktop application, cloud (web access to files), and the already mentioned.. ANDROID APP with an amazingly beautiful ‘gui’.

some info from their about page:

We want to make your life easier. With several unique features, Teradesk is the best virtual storage and remote access solution for your daily needs.

Remote Access

Teradisk (Teradesk virtual disk) can be accessed everywhere. You can also access remotely your home or office computer data. Just leave it connected and the Teradesk Client Application active. You can control which folders are remotely accessible.

Encrypted Transfers

All communication between client and server is encrypted through 1.024 bit SSL keys. This includes file transfers as well as commands and control communication sent from and to your client. Transfers between two mobile devices are only visible inside both devices.

Fail-safe Transfers

File transfers are designed to resume transparently after connection problems. Resume feature is required to practical daily use in mobile networks. In Android based mobile phones it is possible to have file transfers occurring simultaneously.

File Versioning

Teradesk can maintain older versions of files. You don’t need to preserve partial or older versions. You can recover a former version in very simple way.

GoogleDocs Integration

You can use Internet Applications directly. GoogleDocs integration is already working. You don’t need to bring your files to local computer, just send them directly from cloud to cloud, using the large backbone of providers.

File Sharing

With Teradesk you can avoid use of e-mail to send files. Teradesk allows you to share your files with friends and co-works with just one click. People can be notified by e-mail or SMS about new sharings and download files directly from Teradesk servers.


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