Android Froyo 2.2 OTA rollout for HTC Desire tomorrow?




Android and Me

It seems as though all anyone is talking about these days is Froyo.  Currently the only phone to have received the Android 2.2 update is the Nexus One, but if Mark Moons (HTC Benelux Director) is to be believed, HTC will start rolling out the new update to the HTC Desire starting tomorrow.  The fact that HTC is working on a Froyo build for the HTC Desire comes as no surprise to anyone, but you can probably agree with us that the timeframe for the new OTA system update is a little jaw dropping.

As you might remember, HTC took nearly 5 months to roll out their Android 2.1 update to the HTC Hero.  HTC did state that the Android 2.2 build would be hitting HTC devices by year’s end, but most of us expected a release date towards the end of September. We’re waiting to hear back from our contacts at HTC, hoping that they can officially confirm Mark Moons’ tweet.  Anyone else a little shocked that the rollout is coming so soon?

UPDATE: Right before we hit the publish button, we hear back from HTC.  It looks like Mark’s Twitter announcement came a little early, but we could see the Android 2.2 rollout “possibly as early as tomorrow, but some things still need to be checked before we can confirm a specific day.” 

The fact that HTC is on track to roll out the update so soon should silence quite a few people who have been complaining about HTC Sense and the additional time it takes to develop the custom UI on top of the new Android build.

]¦-this specific blog entry was created entirely with the official wordpress app on the HTC DROID Eris 2.1 Android-¦[

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