As strong as u r


We r as strong as we think we r.     U think u are strong a d u become strong.     U think that u can over come the task in front of u and u beleave in this u over come it you as a person can’t beleave in ur self then how can any one els beleave in u.     Even as a simlp of a task as wrighting this I must beleave in my self that I’m puting all the correct spelling space ect…..   if only people would beleave in them selfs would we not have the problems of today.        We a s people not only need to beleave but to knw that. If we live our lives for good and put our worrys and trouble with him and lean on him compleatly we will be ok.    He has always given me the stranth and gidins that I have seeked when I have asked.   Know this BELEAVING IS SEEING THAT WHAT OUR GOD SAYS SO THAT IS WHAT WE ARE TO DO.   With that. God bless.  Nite all


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