“Love is evil, spell it backwards and i’ll show you”

i dont pay for music, i don’t steal it ;], i think i love streamiing my music and just bashing through my media library te bestest, but if i were to buy an album; record, not even- be digital o’ corse stupid horse- it would be, and shut up and just listen to it, the newest of Eminem’s collection: Recovery – iTunes Exclusive Deluxe Edition [Explicit] .

everytrack is slammin and its rap that i actually listen to lyrics, not blur them the f out cuz they’re dumb rappers covering over some un-named producers badass beat.

heres the track list which includes bonus tracks if you buy it from itunes; ugh, almost did, stupid apple ;p:

1 Cold Wind Blows
2 Talkin’ 2 Myself (feat. Kobe)
3 On Fire
4 Won’t Back Down feat. P!NK
5 W.T.P.
6 Going Through Changes
7 Not Afraid
8 Seduction
9 No Love feat. Lil Wayne
10 Space Bound
11 Cinderella Man
12 25 to Life
13 So Bad
14 Almost Famous
15 Love the Way You Lie feat. Rihanna
16 You’re Never Over
17 Untitled
18 Exclusive Bonus Track #1
19 Exclusive Bonus Track #2

Buy it from itunes though to get all of the glory here; with itues installed first of corse.

Music is my time machine


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