DAMN!!!! that bitch is THICK as F*** ;P [watch this..]

LudaCRIS!! with the ‘if you hate rap you will hate it more’ video for HOW LOW,


Google Chrome theme; ‘Robot, inspired by Android’

Google Chrome is awesome, and extensions are awesome too, I still use Firefox almost as much but love this slim-downed quick browser.

When it comes to skins, or themes, i gotta usually have one, but just gotta pick one and forget about it,

[unless it’s so kewl i have to post a quick blog article about it ;],

this is that: ‘Robot theme inspired by Android’- Android, which is the os that powers my crazy awesome HTC handputer that i am in love with and am never without.

check it below >

Google ChromeExtensionsRobot Theme, inspired by Android™

Google Chrome skin

Carrom3D is a bad-ass app for your android, one of the kewlest games


Carrom3D is an OpenGL based set of 3d games that includes:

  • Pool (US 8 and 9 ball, UK 8 ball)
  • Snooker (Regular and 6-Reds)
  • Carrom (Square, Hexagonal and Circular)
  • Crokinole

Carrom3D supports online multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi or data plan.
It is compatible with Android OS versions 1.5 and later and has been tested on various devices like T-Mobile G1, Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid and HTC Desire.