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AVG now offers security for AndroidTM devices!

AVG Technologies announced the acquisition of Tel Aviv-based DroidSecurity, a pioneer in cloud-based mobile security. DroidSecurity is the only company of its scale exclusively focused on protecting smartphones, tablets and other devices running on the Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android™ operating system. The acquisition enables AVG’s Mobile Solutions Team (MST) to extend its security offerings for its more than 110 million consumers and small businesses in 170 countries to include the rapidly expanding mobile security arena.

“The potential that exists within the mobile space is extraordinary, and we predict that devices like smart phones will overtake PCs in 2012,” said J.R. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, AVG.

This strong momentum for Android is being witnessed directly by DroidSecurity and is evidenced in the company’s user stats. Of the 100,000+ apps currently available on the Android market, DroidSecurity antivirus free consistently ranks in the top 50 of most popular apps. According to company estimates, over 4.5 million Android mobile devices have downloaded DroidSecurity, making DroidSecurity among the largest and fastest growing providers of anti-virus apps for the Android market and among the fastest growing apps today.

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  • Scan whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simple click
  • Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily, or on demand
  • Check apps for malware before downloading from app stores
  • Check website content, emails, and SMS for malware before downloading to device

Theft protection

  • Locate lost or stolen device using GPS
  • Create and display message on screen remotely
  • Lock device and wipe content
  • Manage applications remotely

SMS Spam Protection

  • Basic protection from SMS Spammers

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Ultimate protection for Android™ Smartphones, Tablets and E-Readers. Anti-Virus PRO has all the features of Antivirus FREE, plus:

Premium SMS security

  • All SMS checked in real time for malicious content and spam
  • SMS spam blocked at source

VIP Support

  • Antivirus PRO customers receive premium level support whenever they need it

No Disruption

  • Anti-Virus PRO is free of advertising and other disruptions

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AVG – Antivirus for Android | Free Mobile Antivirus


Eminem – Like Toy Soldiers Lyrics


Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down...

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers

[Verse 1]
I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
I am never supposed to show it, my crew ain't supposed to know it
Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a Benzino it don't matter
I'd never drag them in battles that I can't handle unless
I absolutely have to
I'm supposed to set an example
I need to be the leader, my crew looks for me to guide 'em
If some shit ever just pop off, I'm supposed to be beside 'em
Now the Ja shit i tried to squash it, it was too late to stop it
There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it
I heard him say Hailie's name on a song and I just lost it
It was crazy, this shit way beyond some Jay-z and Nas shit
And even though the battle was won, I feel like we lost it
I spent too much energy on it, honestly I'm exhausted
And I'm so caught in it I almost feel I'm the one who caused it
This ain't what I'm in hip-hop for, it's not why I got in it
That was never my object for someone to get killed
Why would I wanna destroy something I helped build
It wasn't my intentions, my intentions was good
I went through my whole career without ever mentionin' ...
Now it's just out of respect for not runnin' my mouth
And talkin' about something that I knew nothing about
Plus Dre told me stay out, this just wasn't my beef
So I did, I just fell back, watched and gritted my teeth
While he's all over t.v. down talkin' a man who literally saved my life
Like fuck it i understand this is business
And this shit just isn't none of my business
But still knowin' this shit could pop off at any minute cuz

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers

[Verse 2]
There used to be a time when you could just say a rhyme
And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dyin'
But now it's elevated cuz once you put someone's kids in it
The shit gets escalated, it ain't just words no more is it?
It's a different ball game, callin' names and you ain't just rappin'
We actually tried to stop the 50 and Ja beef from happenin'
Me and Dre had sat with him, kicked it and had a chat with him
And asked him not to start it he wasn't gonna go after him
Until Ja started yappin' in magazines how he stabbed him
Fuck it 50 smash 'em, mash 'em and let him have it
Meanwhile my attention is pullin' in other directions
Some receptionist at The Source who answers phones at his desk
Has an obsession for me and thinks that I'll be his ressurection
Tries to blow the dust off his mic and make a new record
But now he's fucked the game up cuz one of the ways I came up
Was through that publication the same one that made me famous
Now the owner of it has got a grudge against me for nothin'
Well fuck it, that motherfucker can get it too, fuck him then
But I'm so busy being pissed off I don't stop to think
That we just inherited 50's beef with Murder Inc.
And he's inherited mine which is fine ain't like either of us mind
We still have soldiers that's on the front line
That's willing to die for us as soon as we give the orders
Never to extort us, strictly to show they support us
We'll maybe shout 'em out in a rap or up in a chorus
To show them we love 'em back and let 'em know how important it is
To have Runion Avenue Soldiers up in our corners
Their loyalty to us is worth more than any award is
But I ain't tryna have none of my people hurt and murdered
It ain't worth it I can't think of a perfecter way to word it
Then to just say that I love ya'll too much to see the virdict
I'll walk away from it all before I let it go any further
But don't get it twisted, it's not a plea that I'm coppin'
I'm just willin' to be the bigger man
If ya'll can quit poppin' off at your jaws well then I can,
Cuz frankly I'm sick of talkin'
I'm not gonna let someone elses coffin rest on my conscience cuz


Top 10 Must-Have Browser Extensions (from Lifehacker)

Top 10 Must-Have Browser Extensions

Your browser of choice may have changed a lot in the past year, but luckily the best extensions for making your browser better have kept up with all the most popular browsers. Here are our cross-platform, must-have favorites.

Last time we looked at our favorite browser extensions, we only looked at Firefox. A lot has changed in a year, and now our favorite-extension pool has expanded to several other browsers.

10. Web of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust, or WOT, is a browser extension that’s designed to help you browse more safely. When you search online, WOT accesses its database to see approximately how safe your search results really are. Next to each result it places a colored circle. Green indicates a safe site, yellow means you should proceed with caution, and red tells you that you should probably steer clear. When you roll over the colored circle, you’ll get more in-depth ratings. If you really want to look into a particular site, WOT can provide you with ratings from other WOT users. This is especially useful for online shopping. WOT has a special rating for vender reliability to help warn you of a potentially fraudulent storefront. WOT is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. For Opera and other browsers, a bookmarklet is available.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsWeb of Trust (WOT) | Multi-browser Download Page

9. Google Translate

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsWeb translation services are nothing new, but they’re exceptionally helpful when you run into a site written in a language you don’t speak. While these services have been around for awhile, they’ve evolved to make the translation process a lot easier. With the Google Translate extension (gTranslate in Firefox) you can just install it and it’ll recognize when a page is not in your primary language. You’ll receive a request to translate whenever this happens and the extension will reload the page with the translated text. Like all web translations, it’s imperfect, but it’s the closest things your browser’s going to get to a Babelfish. (Note: Google Chrome has auto-translate built in, so no extension’s required for Chrome users.)

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsGoogle Translate | FirefoxSafariOpera

8. AutoCopy

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsAutoCopy does what the title suggests. Whenever you select some text in your browser, AutoCopy will automatically copy it to the clipboard. While pressing Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on a Mac) to do this manually isn’t that big of a deal, but what makes AutoCopy really worthwhile (for me, anyway) is the option to copy without formatting. There are so many times where I just want to copy text but want it to conform to the style of the document I’m pasting it into, and AutoCopy cuts out that tedious step no problem.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsAutoCopy | ChromeFirefox

7. Better Gmail

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsGmail’s great, but it’s not perfect, which is why Better Gmail was born—here at Lifehacker no less—out of the need for additional features. It compiles a bunch of the best Gmail-related Greasemonkey scripts to add a bunch of highly desired features to gmail. Those features include hierarchical labels, an unread message count in your browser tab, file attachment icons, row highlights, label links, the ability to hide and show all sorts of things, and more. The official version is Firefox-only, but an unofficial Chrome port is also available.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsBetter Gmail | ChromeFirefox

6. PriceBlink

When you’re shopping online, you’re probably accustomed to searching for the lowest price. PriceBlink removes the need to do any actual work and presents you with your options, automatically, while shopping. Just browse to the page of something you want to buy and PriceBlink will show up if it can save you money. In addition to showing you lower prices, if PriceBlink finds a coupon for the retailer you’re visiting it’ll offer that up as well. When you’re not shopping, PriceBlink will stay out of your hair. It’s a pretty great tool for keeping your wallet from getting too thin. (Alternate: InvisibleHand extension.)

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsPriceblink | ChromeFirefoxSafari

5. BugMeNot

There are times when you just do not want to sign up for an account. Maybe you’re lazy, or maybe you don’t want to give out your email address to a web site you’re only going to use once. BugMeNot is an extension that uses the BugMeNot web site to retrieve login credentials for the site you’re visiting. Browse to a site, click the extension icon, and BugMeNot will offer up accounts to try. If the account works (or doesn’t), you can quickly send feedback to BugMeNot to let them know if the credentials are good or bad. This success rate is used to rank the options available to you. BugMeNot uses these ratings to suggest credentials for you whenever you visit a new site. If you want to avoid creating an account, BugMeNot will save you a ton of time.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsBugMeNot | ChromeFirefoxSafariOpera

4. Tab Cloud

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsTab Cloud is an excellent extension for managing your browser tabs on a single computer or across multiple machines. You can name browser windows and save sessions, view a graphical representation of all your tabs and windows, and sync tabs from one browser to another. WhileFirefox 4 has tab sync already, Tab Cloud gives you a little more control over how you sync your tabs. It’s an excellent addition for Chrome, which (currently) has no existing tab sync at all. Regardless of sync, it makes for an excellent organizational tool for those of us who can’t help but keep at least 30 tabs open at a time.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsTab Cloud | ChromeFirefox

3. FlashBlock

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsWith recent reports that the lack of Flash on the MacBook Air nets it two extra hours of battery life, you have to wonder if Apple’s choice to leave Flash off its new highly portable laptops was really the right choice after all. Even if you don’t use Flash much, there definitely are those few occasions where it’s a necessity. That’s where FlashBlock comes in. It lets you keep Flash installed on your computer but prevents Flash content from loading without your expressed permission. The upside is that Flash will never run without your intervention, though you can whitelist specific sites that you’d prefer Flash always works on. It’s a great compromise for gaining better battery life (and better overall performance) without needing to remove Flash entirely.

Note: FlashBlock functionality is already built-in to Chrome for Windows and is in the Mac developer builds.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsFlashBlock | ChromeFirefoxSafariOpera

2. Greasemonkey / Greasemetal / Etc.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsGreaseMonkey is pretty incredible, in that it lets you do virtually anything you want with your web browser with the help of simple JavaScripts. By itself it doesn’t do much at all, but when you consider all the available userscripts it’s suddenly the most powerful extension you can have. It’s basic purpose is to serve as a JavaScript injector. Userscripts that you install will inject JavaScript into a particular page to make it perform differently than it normally would. Although there are tons available, if you know JavaScript you can write your own and get exactly the functionality you’re looking for. While Greasemonkey was original written for Firefox, it’s possible to run Greasemonkey userscripts in Chrome (Chrome supports installing userscripts by default) and Safari (thanks to a port of the platform).

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsGreasemonkey | FirefoxSafari

1. LastPass

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsLastPass is an amazing password manager. Actually, it may be better described as a personal data manager. It can remember login credentials (and automatically log you into web sites), credit card numbers, your address and phone number, and other personal information you often need to enter on a web site or storefront checkout. It stores everything securely and syncs with any machine that has a LastPass extension installed, and it’s one of the best timesavers you can install on your browser.

Top 10 Must-Have Browser ExtensionsLastPass | Multi-browser Download Page


15 Awesome Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do (Says PC World)

Here’s the list of fun or normal things to do; it should be titled, as torn from the ‘pages’ of PC World:

Want to unlock your iPhone, download YouTube videos, or hack a stranger’s Facebook account? It’s all possible, but it’s also all against the rules.

By Dan Tynan, PCWorld Nov 2, 2010 7:22 pm

altSometimes you gotta bend the rules. And when it comes to technology, some rules are begging to get bent.

You might do it to gain access to features or functionality that your gadget/service provider should offer but doesn’t. Or maybe you just want to avoid something you prefer not to do–like coughing up your e-mail address just to gain access to a site’s content, or (ahem) paying for stuff you’d rather get for free.

And sometimes you do it because, well, it’s awesome.

But awesomeness has a price, and every activity described below carries a risk. Potential fallout ranges from violating terms of service or voiding a warranty, to bricking your favorite gadgets or having a clutch of copyright attorneys descend upon you from a great height.

So these are things you really shouldn’t do. Really. And if you tell anyone where you heard about them, we’ll deny everything.

1. Jailbreak Your iPhone

Apple iPhone owners fall neatly into two groups. Members of the first group suffer under the yoke of tyranny, endure arbitrary rules over what they can and can’t do, and put up with crappy reception (be careful how you hold that thing).

Members of the other group have jailbroken their phones, hacking iOS whatever to get to features, apps, and carriers that are otherwise verboten. There are many ways to unlock the uber phone, but by far the easiest is with Jailbreakme. Simply visit the site jailbreakme.com from your iPhone’s Safari browser, and you’re done. It also works on the iPod Touch and the iPad–but only if your hardware uses iOS 4.01 or an earlier operating system.

Why this is awesome: Let us count the ways: (1) No more AT&T. You may be able to use your iPhone with other GSM-based telecoms such as T-Mobile. (2) No restrictions on the apps you can use. The Cydia store features dozens of apps that work exclusively on jailbroken iPhones. (3) Have we mentioned no more AT&T?

Why you shouldn’t do it: It’s a constant game of cat and mouse between Apple and the jailbreakers, and Apple is the cat. Eventually the cat will win and your jailbreak will fail, possibly leaving you with a pretty paperweight (and no warranty). Also, you’ll make Steve Jobs sad.

2. Let Pandora Out of Her Box

My personal history is divided into two parts: BP (Before Pandora) and AP (After Pandora). That’s how much this streaming music service has changed my life. Unlike normal radio, it plays songs I’ve never heard before yet instantly love.

Orbit DownloaderOrbit captures streaming audio from your browser and saves it to your hard drive.Problem? Pandora won’t necessarily stream the tune you need to hear right now. One solution:Orbit Downloader, which lets you capture tunes as they’re playing in Firefox or IE and download them to your hard drive–and which works on lots of streaming sites in addition to Pandora. Orbit is free, but you’ll have to fight off optional installs of toolbars and attempts to switch your default search engine. (Or you could simply click the Buy button on Pandora and pay the 99 cents, you tightwad.)

Why this is awesome: Great music for free.

Why you shouldn’t do it: Pandora’s terms of service forbid copying, storing, altering, or otherwise stealing the music tracks it streams. Also, if you do anything that ends up getting Pandora shut down, I will personally come to your house and pummel you. And I’ll bring Chuck Norris.

3. Maintain Multiple Facebook Identities

A Fakebook persona is good for more than just stalking your ex or posting nasty things about your boss; you can use it to say or "like" things without repercussions, or play FarmVille and other obnoxious Facebook apps without risking your personal information and annoying your real friends. All you really need is an e-mail address, a pretty picture, and some bogus details–and you’re off to the races.

Another benefit: You can do what my son did and create a second G-rated Facebook account to deceive your parents and other adult relatives while saving the real one for your peeps. (Kids, if you do try this at home, remember: Don’t log into the real account from dad’s computer and then forget to log out. That will not go so well for you.)

Why this is awesome: No privacy risk and very little chance that your employer or loved ones will know it’s you (unless, of course, you log in and forget to log out).

Why you shouldn’t do it: It violates Facebook’s terms of service, which means real you and fake you could both get the boot. Of course, Facebook often fails to follow its own rules, so why should you treat them as sacrosanct?

4. Get Creative With Wikipedia

Alter WikipediaWikipedia is a valuable social resource built on the notion that people can be trusted to share information. It’s also really easy to abuse.Did you know that Little Rock recently changed its name to Bozoville, or that Lady Gaga is really Zach Galifianakis in drag? Neither does anyone else–until you add it to Wikipedia. Few things are more satisfying than adding spurious "facts" to the people’s encyclopedia just to see if anyone notices. Hours, days, or weeks later, some self-important Wikipedian will red pencil it, probably leaving a snotty comment in the page’s history. That’s where the real fun begins.

Why this is awesome: You can practically hear that Wikepedian’s sphincter tighten as you engage in an edit war over Lady Gaga’s man parts. (But seriously, has anyone ever seen Lady G. and Zach G. in the same room at the same time?)

Why you shouldn’t do it: You could be banned from editing any more entries. Also, an entire generation of 5th graders may grow up thinking that the capital of Arkansas is Bozoville.


5. Tear Down This Paywall

You want how much for that subscription to CrapICanReadElsewhereForFree.com? Uh, no thanks. I’ll just use someone else’s log-in and password. And what better way to do it than with BugMeNot?

That’s where you’ll find user names and passwords for both pay and free sites like NYTimes.com, WashingtonPost.com, IMDB, and YouTube. (No, PCWorld.com isn’t one of them — sorry.) Even if the site is free, BugMeNot will allow you to leave devastating ripostes in an article’s comments section without having to surrender your real name or e-mail address.

Why this is awesome: Aside from avoiding subscription fees (you skinflint), you won’t get spammed with advertising offers that "may interest you" or banned by sanctimonious comments czars (you know who you are).

Why you shouldn’t do it: You’ll be hammering another nail into the coffin of real journalism. And you’ll feel bad. Trust us.

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Alice Deejay.. Ringin a bell anyone?

so im currently still trying to ‘un-brick’ my phone and then I put this one [song] on, so I had to bring it back for all that know this ish…. play it:

Firefox for ANDROID!

Havent had the chance to try it, or see if it acctually works ;] – problems now with my what was well working dual boot of 2.1 and 2.2 roms, but here it is:





Take your Firefox anywhere.

Download for Android Free – Beta version

Download for Maemo Free – Beta version