Restore your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 to Stock

Restore your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 to Stock

If you ever run into the famous “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your foundPlease turn off your phone and go to nearest Verizon Wireless store for help.

or Just want to restore your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 back to Stock heres a quick how to tutorial!

1.  Download

2. Extract the folder anywhere you like

3. Download Here:

4. Right click and Run in Administrator mode Odin3 v3.07.exe.

5. Now turn off your phone.

6. Press both the Homebutton, Power button, and Volume Down button all at the same time. This will put it into download mode. (IT MAY WARN YOU, JUST HIT CONTINUE {volume up})

7.  In download mode use the up arrow key to choose Recovery.

8. Take your usb cable and plug it in. (Preferable the OEM cable provided by Samsung)

9. Now check to see that Odin has detected your phone and both ‘autoreboot and f.resetime’ If Odin3 does not detect right away, simple close and restart Odin

10. Launch odin3 Make sure both (“auto reboot” and “f.reset time” are checked)

11. Make sure  PDA button is checked and file “\HOME_I535VRALF2_I535VZWALF2_618049_REV09_user_low_ship.tar.md5” is loaded. (This means go and grab that .md5 file that you extracted earlier from the Samsung ZIP)

12. Now Hit Start

Now you’re done!