Verizon Edge “upgrade anytime” promo

So.. these “upgrade whenever you want” deals are bogus, at least from what I see from Verizon; look at what I got in the mail.. It says, “THE WAIT FOR A NEW PHONE IS OVER. No down payment. No upgrade fees.“ Then there’s the inside, this picture here I took, and it says it is up to $30/month. So nothing down, no fees.. except the extra 30 bucks you’re going to be pending every month.

It’s like they didn’t even try to market this new “promotion”, cuz it sounds about the same as if you just put $30 in a piggy bank each month… until you had enough to buy the new phone.

Finally, the fine print states, “you must be enrolled and be playing $30/month for at least 6 months and 50% of your new phone must be paid.”

It’s just the same process as before, it just sounds like Verizon is trying to manipulate the way they say it, but still have the same results, kind of like when it’s little man’s bed time, I always get his to lay down and sleep, it’s just the way you tell ’em.


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