Good Bye Summer

Them summer nights can keep a smile on your face
Gotta try to have a good time with’cha life, otherwise it’s just a waste
Either way I’m gonna party just in case
Like Prince partied like it was 99 in 87, 88
I couldn’t ask for no better weather
I’m right next to the Pacific, to be specific
The candy paint job, glows under the moonlight
As I close out my summer night and say goodnigh
It’s time to put the top up and park it
Drop the dump, plug the ground, roll up the windows and lock it
Walk in the pad and fall into bed
As she lays on my chest to rest her sleepy head
And we do this all night long, from dusk ’til dawn
But it’s not quite the same when summer nights are gone
But even when they’re gone it won’t be long
Eight more months then once again it’s on


1 Comment

  1. I like you’re post 🙂 hope to see more, wish we still talked at least, I would like to get past this thing between you and I I still want a friendship 🙂 but eather way hope your doing great and you’re happy and focousing on, getting you’re life together love you hope the very best 4 u



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