Old Favorite.. +Best lyrics: last Verse/Outro @ 3min 18sec

Royce Da 5’9″ – Looking At My Dog

best lyrics here: (listen to it in the song)

So you greet ’em as polite-
ly as possible, that nine sit on yo lap, be disrespectful then you leave ’em at the light
Hit that window and squeeze that toaster
Pull off fast and I promise
That I just put his Regal in 3-wheel motion without havin’ hydraulics

Why you lookin’ like that?
Stop lookin’ like that
Stop lookin’ at my dog, lookin’ at my dog
That’ll get you fucked up
Why you lookin’ like that?
That’ll get you fucked up, stop lookin’ at my dog
Why you lookin’ like that?
Stop lookin’ like that
Stop lookin’ at my dog, lookin’ at my dog
That’ll get yo ass shot
Why you lookin like that?
That’ll get yo ass shot, stop lookin’ at my dog

[Yo Gotti]
Yeah! This ya boy Yo Gotti!
Why you lookin’ at me? Hear a nigga
I ain’t ya bitch
You don’t want a street nigga that have to get wit this shit
Cuz I ain’t gon’ quit
Til ’em choppa bullet flippin
They spleens, layin’ all lower then yo chest or ya chin
Man I’m in it to win
I give a fuck bout a friend
I care more bout the dough, and even more bout the Benz
Niggaz look at my chain, then they clutchin’ they burners
They think they got us, we ?? finna get ugly this summer
Yeah I roll with a stunna, I got a lot on the line
But still its kill or be killed before a nigga take mine
I give a pass to niggaz, when they look at my bitch
Just they admire her walk, or just impress that she thick
I’m reppin’ Southside ?? nigga, nigga Yo Gotti!
Bricks in the dashboard Benz big body
Royce 5’9″ and them hustles out of Detroit
Get it how we get it cuz they importin’ Ex boy


[Royce Da 5’9″]
Why you so hard nigga? Pause
I done tried so many times
To get my violent temper to comply with my mature side
But the other side is where the 45 is, hidin’
And I’m fa’ sho childish, hi, I’m countin’
1, 2, seeking you niggaz with the peace, with the peek-a-boo trigger
When I come, through, with the honorable spirit
Eyes lighting up with shine like the “Chronicles of Riddick”
Nigga forget it
Nine times outta ten, times’ on my side
If your nines in the car, cuz mines on my side
Why you lookin’ like dat?
Nigga ain’t no hoes here
I’m about to ask the waitress what she put in yo’ beer
We can get it on, we can do whatever boy (whatever boy)
Don’t you ever push your pedal, pump your brake
Better untwist your face
Spoken word, mixed with school, mixed with crunk
This should hit you, get you pump, if it get you drunk
It can get you jump!


[Royce Da 5’9″]
Bitches trip, niggaz quick
To pull out they chains on sight
Niggaz flip, soon as they announce my name on the mic
So I, gotta kinda watch them niggaz
You know them niggaz roll up beside you
You don’t know if they like your car, they don’t like you
By the way they lookin’, you can’t tell if they grimmin’ you or admiring you
Whether envy you when they see your tires spinnin’
So you greet ’em as polite-
ly as possible, that nine sit on yo lap, be disrespectful then you leave ’em at the light
Hit that window and squeeze that toaster
Pull off fast and I promise
That I just put his Regal in 3-wheel motion without havin’ hydraulics
I call it like I see it
Walk it like I did it
Nigga coughin’ up yo kidney
Cough, talkin’ bout the kid
My people, I came expectin’ the same kinda respect that you want
Some of you steppin’ in something by coming and testing it once
They won’t let you do nothin’ unless you cutting a check
Let me ask you a couple a questions, nigga

[Chorus – 2X]


Support is ending for Windows XP

Support is ending soon

On April 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP will no longer be available. Don\’t let your PC go unprotected.

What is Windows XP end of support?

Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

As a result, after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date. (If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you will continue to receive anti-malware signature updates for a limited time, but this does not mean that your PC will be secure because Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates to protect your PC.)

If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP.

What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?

Which version of Windows am I running?

How do I stay protected?

To stay protected after support ends, you have two options:

Upgrade your current PC

Very few older computers will be able to run Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of Windows. We recommend that you download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 8.1 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able. For more detailed information, read the FAQ.

Download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant

Tutorial: Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Get a new PC

If your current PC can\’t run Windows 8.1, it might be time to consider shopping for a new one. Be sure to explore our great selection of new PCs. They\’re more powerful, lightweight, and stylish than ever before—and with an average price that\’s considerably less expensive than the average PC was 10 years ago.

Find your perfect PC

What do I get with Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 makes it easy to do all the things you\’re used to doing with Windows XP while opening up a whole new world of possibilities for you to explore and enjoy.

Find out about all the exciting things you can do with the new Windows

A selection of PCs running Windows 8.1

Completion of Community Service …


Its been over two years but… Be working on my desktop all day, cleaning my room, and painstakingly going through all the paperwork that’s accumulated over the years and going all paperless.. Been finding mostly old crap I don’t need but has to get shredded to keep someone from stealing my identity – which would actually be funny cuz they’d go ahead and give it back real quick because of its value but anyway I found this: …the last paper I had to get that should I completed and it was confirmed all my community service was done, yay


Excited doesn’t begin to express how we feel about introducing LastPass 3.0. Our new release features an updated, clean design across the LastPass browser addons, the iOS and Android mobile apps, and our website itself. We’ve worked hard to make LastPass easier to use and less intrusive.

Highlights from LastPass 3.0 include:

  • Revamped user experience and user interface
  • Field icon menus for easy access to logins and LastPass tools
  • A Shared Family Folder for up to 5 users
  • Expanded Shared Folder features for LastPass Enterprise
  • A revamped LastPass for Applications
  • Secure Note history, to track changes to your notes
  • Windows 8.1 support
  • and more

New Design, New Experience

In LastPass 3.0, we’ve changed the way LastPass notifies and interacts with you. LastPass focuses more on the website’s fields, so there are less steps to get what you need. We’re also phasing out the notification bars at the top of the browser.

A clickable icon now appears on the website’s fields. The LastPass field icon is dynamic, showing you options that match what you would want to do with that field. If it’s a login form, you’ll see your matching logins for that site.

If you don’t have any logins stored for that site, LastPass will ask if you want to save it:

If it’s a “create password” field, you’ll see the Password Generator: 

If it’s a shopping form, you’ll see your Profiles:

The field icon menu expands so you can quickly access all the main LastPass features:


The LastPass browser addon menu has been simplified, and we’ve added immediate access to search, so you can quickly find the sites and notes you need:


The vault has also been updated to reflect the new look and feel:

Improved Mobile Experience

The Premium mobile apps for Android and iOS now have a “browser-forward experience”, meaning the browser is integrated with the vault for easy site searching and launching. The vault on both platforms is easily searchable, where you can add, edit, and update your passwords at a moment’s notice.

The LastPass browser now has quicker access to your logins and Profiles. You can add sites easily, generate new passwords quickly, and enjoy a more seamless mobile experience overall.


LastPass Shared Family Folder


We’ve streamlined sharing for our users. LastPass Premium users can now use a Shared Family Folder with up to 5 family members to manage and access joint accounts. Each LastPass user can be added to the Shared Family Folder, and the logins or notes can then be dragged-and-dropped into the Shared Folder.

Updates are then kept in sync across all users sharing the folder. See our full article in the user manual for how to get started; only the user creating the folder needs to have LastPass Premium.

Updates for LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise administrators can now give Shared Folder access to non-Enterprise LastPass users. Up to 3, non-Enterprise users can be given access to any Enterprise Shared Folder. The new functionality is particularly useful for those who may need to give contractors or part-time employees temporary access to sites. LastPass for Applications has also received a number of improvements.

We’re Thrilled to Reach Another Milestone!

We are so thrilled to share LastPass 3.0 with our community. We hope you enjoy the clean design and less intrusive experience. As always, we owe a big “thank you” to our community for your continued support. We’re committed to the ongoing improvement of our service, and strive to  provide a great experience for our users. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

The LastPass Team


How do I disable the “ticker” in the icon?
From the LastPass Icon > Preferences >  Notifications, uncheck the “Show Matching Sites Count in Toolbar” option.

How do I move my matching sites list back to the main icon menu?
In the LastPass Icon > Preferences > Advanced, select the Show matching sites in top level menu” option.

Can I go back to the old notification bars?
First, be sure that you’re clicking the icons that now appear in your username and password fields to try to enter your data. If you’ve tested it and you don’t like clicking the field icons, you can enable the old notification bars in the LastPass Icon >  Preferences > Notifications, and disable the field icons from there. We’d appreciate specific feedback so we can keep fine-tuning our new release.

CyanogenMod releases Android 4.4 for Galaxy

If you’ve got a phone that’s not getting a manufacturer update to Android 4.4, there’s hope in sight. Android hacking team CyanogenMod’s latest build supports a wide range of older handsets.

The CyanogenMod team just released the first nightly build of CM11.0 M1, its most recent firmware based onAndroid 4.4 KitKat, for recent Google Nexus devices, like the Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10. A day later, it widened its scope considerably — including a huge range of handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, LG’s Optimus G and G Pro.

A grand total of 47 Android devices are now able to download CyanogenMod’s regularly updated beta build of the CM 11 firmware. Being a nightly build, its feature set changes often, and some features are missing or not working. Stability isn’t at the level you’d expect from a fully polished release either, but the Cyanogen team’s efforts are nonetheless bringing the most recent version of Android to mobile devices long since abandoned by manufacturers.

Android 4.4 KitKat is significantly smoother and faster than its predecessors thanks to a push to cut down on unnecessary memory usage and the streamlining of Google’s integrated services. It’s a perfect fit for older smartphones, many of which in the CM11 list stopped receiving manufacturer updates more than a year ago.

The CyanogenMod team has received over US$7 million in funding from investors recently and wants to broaden its appeal to offer its unique flavour of Android to more devices, drawing in everyday users with features like integrated secure messaging.