Pocketnow Interviews PhoneBloks, Talks about the Vision and Philosophy for the Project and More


Phonebloks is probably the most interesting concept we’ve ever seen, and it appears that Google agreed, since they had Motorola partner with them. And when they sold Motorola, they kept that part of the company in Mountain View. What Phonebloks is, is basically allowing you to build the perfect smartphone. That includes being able to switch out the camera module, the storage, the screen, the processor, everything. It’s basically a modular phone. Which we should see it this summer, which is going to be amazing. Our friends over at Pocketnow sat down with the creators of Phonebloks and they had a lot to say.

Phoneblocks talked about the vision and philosophy behind the idea that manufacturers and consumers should collaborate to create a unique ecosystem:

“The basic idea behind Phonebloks is creating a modular phone, so that when a part breaks you’d be able to replace it. At the time the idea was conceived, Dave Hakkens, the founder, was a design student working on his graduation project. He likes technology and he likes the environment. So, he thought he should do something to combine these two. Around that time his digital camera broke, and he decided to fix it on his own. He took the camera apart and saw that the lens motor was broken. But, he could not locate a replacement for that part in any repair shop nor when he talked to the manufacturer. Everyone simply told him to buy a new camera. He didn’t want a new camera though; he just needed that small component. Dave did some research and discovered that electronic waste streams are some of the fastest growing waste-streams in the world, with mobile phones being a big part of that. So, although at the beginning he thought about modularity for all kinds of tech, he decided to focus on mobile phones. This is how he came up with the Phonebloks concept.”

What’s interesting here is that the video that we all know and have probably watched a hundred times, was initially leaked onto Reddit, and it just blew up from there. It’s sitting at over 19 million views right now, which is pretty crazy. You can read the rest of the lengthy interview over at Pocketnow’s website.


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