BREAKING: Fire rips through Manzanita Garden Apartments (Mon, 5/26/2014)

ImageMon, 5/26/2014 – Chico firefighters were called to 1462 Manzanita, after someone called 911 and said a fence was on fire, and looked like it was about to spread to a structure.  A short time later, the upper floors of the Manzanita Garden Apartments were ablaze, and smoke was seen billowing out of nearly every upstairs window.  Residents were clutching cats and dogs, and watching as their belongings went up in flames.  Firefighters quickly climbed the roof and cut several holes to allow for ventilation, as flames were seen shooting from the roof.  One woman, holding a terrified cat in her arms, cried that she wasn’t able to get a second cat from her unit.  Another woman had her bird in a birdcage on the lawn.  Several children were crying, as Chico Police moved the crowd back to give firefighters room and keep everyone safe.  Several neighbors told Action News Now that the fire started on the back porch of a unit.  Stay with Action News Now for more details on this developing story… 


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