Samsung BD-D5700 Blu-Ray Player Performance Fix

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I picked up a BD-D5700 back in Christmas 2011 on sale at Best Buy for $100. Cool – I can get a Blu-Ray player for $100! I’m in. It turned out to be $100 for a reason – it was dirt slow.

Finally, now in 2013 and fairly out of warranty, I cracked open the case. Inside, I found this.


The motherboard is about the size of a CD case, powered by a BCM7631 chip (Broadcom only has pages for BCM7630 and BCM7632 – weird). That powerful Broadcom SoC is cooled by one TINY layer of aluminum – barely as thick as a typical CPU’s heat spreader. Worse yet, the thermal compound was a pad, not even grease – leaving large burnt-out hot spots in the pad. The CPU is clearly overheating and thermal-throttling to prevent damage, and Samsung seems to have used that burn-out throttling to “class” the player as…

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