Stupid Product of the Week: Winbot Window-Cleaning Robotic Vacuum

This week is the ‘ECOVACS Robotics Winbot Window-Cleaning Robotic Vacuum‘ .. yeah…
as featured on Newegg Flash

Here’s the manufacturer’s speel:

ECOVACS Robotics Winbot Window-Cleaning Robotic Vacuum: With a simple, 3-step operation and Pathfinder technology, this robotic vacuum automatically cleans framed and frameless glass windows, mirrors, doors and other surfaces. A firm vacuum suction and a safety pod and tether provide safety. 

  • Let the vacuum do the cleaning for you

    This robot vacuums framed and frameless glass windows, doors, mirrors and other similar surfaces.

  • Cleans glass of almost any thickness

    Including Thermopane for wide-ranging use.

  • Intuitively avoids obstacles

    Pathfinder Technology follows a custom cleaning path that avoids obstacles like window latches and door handles.

  • Microfiber cleaning pads trap dirt and debris

    Washable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads absorbs debris and save on paper towels.

  • Keep vacuuming even when the AC power fails

    An onboard, backup battery keeps the robot running.

WINBOT W830 Window Cleaning Robot,


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