I mean, he [Kanye West] is just terrible, we all know that right?

I mean, is anyone actually, actually, watching this?

[Welcome To Heartbreak (Live at Camp Flog Gnaw on 11/11/2018)] ..Just frickin’ watch and listen, it’ll only take 5 or 6 seconds to kringe.

The fool is performing live, his ‘raw talents’ (those of which he actually doesn’t have) and he can even talk on time over the recorded beat on time.

Our generations ‘musicians’ suck, they have no talent, and here is proof.. Why is Kayne West popular? Because if you actually witness him performing what he does live,- in real time,- no theatrics,- auto-tuning,- or the rest of the studio-gangster-tricks he and others pull,- it’s a terrible mess- similar to a junior high school talent show.

He’s a rapper right? First, I’d think that some form of rhyming with an impressive vocabulary would be prerequisites, mostly he shows that doesn’t matter. When he does have hits, and I am a fan of this song (‘Welcome To Heartbreak’, because of the ‘ghost’ Kid Cudi), he doesn’t even write or produce any of the music. Instead, he just exploits the ones who become his ghost-writing bitches like Kid Cudi. Sorry, Kid Cudi, you aren’t a bitch, but Kanye has you signed on as one when it’s time to shit out another record.

Kid Cudi is a honest gem of a small group of talented artists. He is one of my favorite artists/musicians and I love everything he has done in his solo career. But Kid, kick this bitch to the curb, he’s has nothing without using you, and, is it worth the paycheck?- To sell your gift? Ride out that contract West’s got you under and get back to the ‘spaceship to the moon’.

But it’s okay, because at least I do have the fortunate opportunity to enjoy the raw juicy talented-goodness that isn’t muttered up by others [West]- and that’s Kid Cudi. Any and all of his albums, songs.., just listen to one song off his ‘Man On The Moon’ or ”Man On The Moon II’ records and try not being sucked into and transformed to another world he takes you on lyrically while you ride on the musical beats.

If you need any further reminder of how easy it is to become famous nowadays, watch Scott Mescudi’s TED Talks, Shaker Heights High School, ‘Hi, I’m Scott’. Then,- listen to Kanye West, anytime, ever.. and laugh.

To End on a positive reference,- I honestly suggest watching Scott Mescudi’s TEDxSHHS.

He is an a deeply unique and talented person- who speaks about his upbringing, inspirations to his creativity, the severe emotional troubles he has endured, as well as positive successes he’s made for himself.

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