My First dog, Conner

With Conner it was love at first sight on February 21st, 2019. We came back to adopt him as soon as we could. On February 27th, we brought him to his new, relaxing and quiet, loving family.

He is still getting used to us, and us to him, as he is still a little skittish. All we know about his background is that he was brought in as a stray. But he’s becoming more comfortable, with a very large yard to roam, stiff, and gallop about.

He is a little timid – never barks, and is careful about what he does and where he goes. But he’s a tiny, pocket-size package of curiosity, making the transition from having a cat who lived to the ripe-old-age of 21, to being a dog owner, and lover, that much more comfortable for the both of us.

He will live out the rest of his days being loved, going on short walks, and playing in the yard. We can’t wait until spring and summer when the weather gets better and the park calls out our names!

Thank you #ButteHumaneSociety

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