‘Hangouts’ is fading away, and it makes me sad.

Hangouts as we know it has been slowly dying for years (sorry if this is how you’re finding out). G Suite users are transitioning away from the classic Hangouts service this year, with individual users to follow soon after. Now there’s another nail in Hangouts Classic’s coffin: the app is no longer available on Wear OS.

You’ll find that you can’t install the app on your Wear OS device, either from the watch itself or from the Play Store web interface, the latter showing Hangouts as incompatible.


This item is not compatible with your device.

Google is slowly moving Hangouts users to discrete services for text and video chat — Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, respectively — so it’s possible the new apps will see Wear OS versions. But we can’t know for sure, and in any case, Hangouts users are currently without a wearable solution.

Thanks:  Adam Wright

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