Google pleads guilty to [product] homicide (again)


Please, everyone, – take a moment of silence with me,….to pay our respects,.. to something that was taken too soon, as we began to love it, as another Google product.. passes into, onto, out and passed the cloud, and away. ..and then literally right onto: …

[Killed by Google] is a Free and Open Source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves as a tribute and memorial of beloved services and products killed by Google.


Allo is shutting down today [March 12, 2019]

Allo features will continue to make their way to (Android) Messages, part of Google’s rich communication services (RCS) strategy.

Google launched Allo in September 2016 as it’s attempt to build a modern messaging app from scratch. The team learned a ton from the effort, but Allo was largely an exercise. It was doomed from the start, and all the updates were merely feature additions — there was never a focus on growing adoption.

If you used Allo, you can grab an archived download your conversations for backup – but hurry, you only have a few hours left. To do that, follow these steps, follow them on the official support page.

  1. Open the Allo app
  2. In the app’s side menu, tap Settings
  3. Tap Chat. Here, you’ll be presented with the option to export text from your chats
  4. Export messages as a .csv file
  5. Export media attachments as a .zip file

According to the blog post in which Google announced Allo’s closure, the app is being shuttered to focus more resources on the development of Messages, Google’s regular ol’ texting app. You can read more about the troubled history Allo here.


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