Mr. Kevin ‘FaMous’ Seeger

Mr. Kevin ‘FaMous’ Seeger was born and raised into what is the beautiful park-filled, outdoor recreational town; during the day, and the uncontrollable, alcohol abusing, riot-causing bar-filled downtown choas of it all: CHICO! (NOT Chino, we’re “hella” Nor-Cal), of California.

He grew up, with lack of a more appropriate defined statement: pretty well-rounded; taking advantage of all his hometown had to offer, being a socialite when it came to being seen everywhere and anywhere that mattered, and knowing or meeting everyone who mattered. He finished one chapter of this ‘unique’ lifestyle by gaining an education and earning a degree in the field he devotes every minute of life to: MultiMedia.

Personality, attitude, and vanity prevailed over most everything else, including jobs, bachelor’s degree, and some other “social community conforming lifestyle choices”. Soon fate fell upon the special few, and completely by random when alcohol was involved; Kevin Seeger became ‘Mr. Famous’ and was a “born again life form”. The simple explanation: it’s a style of attitude, bravado, and ‘go getta’ that respectfully shoves it’s way through the necessities of life in it’s own very special, different, and as a spectator amazing way.

Anyone could be ‘Famous’, have a ‘Famous’ in them waiting to come out; but no one person, or say, a cult-following legion of groupies, can artificially impersonate and force this ‘way of life’ as their own unless, as stated above. One must be born carrying, able to understand, distinguish and employ this unique attitude ability, and/or soon on in years of life; discover that one’s self possessed this special ability in their brain chemistry since the beginning of their existence.

This life has it’s own set of unspoken, loosely unwritten rules which may, and, are altered to suit a particular individual. One such area that is at liberty to divulge to the rest of the general population would be the swagger and dedication to the music. Example in point is Mr. Famous himself; the theme song and artist perpetuating this way of life.