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South Park – The Sick of Truth


Remember when South Park debuted on Comedy Central in 1997? Remember how shocking the cursing, toilet humour and black comedy seemed?

Take that level of shock and multiply it by, oh, 20 and you’ll have some idea of what you should expect from South Park: The Stick of Truth, the new video game written by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (Ubisoft, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, $59.99), Even fans of the theatrical South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut may be taken aback by the level of raunch on display here.

The curse words are un-bleeped. There’s a sex act that makes the notorious “Hot Coffee” scene in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas look like something off the Disney Channel. There’s a cringe-inducing scenario set in an abortion clinic. And more.

Like its cable TV counterpart, The Stick of Truth gleefully tackles issues such as gun control, racism, sexism and pedophilia. If you’re not a South Park fan, by all means avoid it. Even if you’re a fan, there are moments that will make you say “ick” — even as you’re laughing at the game’s audacity.

Your character is the new kid in town. Cartman, grand wizard of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep (yes, the KKK), invites you on a quest to recover the titular stick from a tribe of elves, led by Kyle and Stan.

The war between the two gangs evolves into something more dangerous, though, once aliens invade and unleash a plague of Nazi zombies. The ensuing romp reels in almost every character from the cartoon’s 17-year run, from regulars that include Kenny and Butters, to guest stars such as Mr. Hankey and Jesus.

The gameplay was designed by Obsidian Entertainment, the California studio known for role-playing games Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III.

The Stick of Truth is RPG lite. You get to create the new kid from scratch, building from scores of facial features, clothing items and accessories. As the game progresses, you get more resilient armour and more dangerous weapons. And you learn increasingly effective magic spells that, true to form, typically involve flatulence.

Whenever you encounter an enemy, the screen switches to battle mode, in which you and one partner take turns attacking and casting spells at the bad guys. Most actions, whether offensive or defence, require pressing a button at a certain time to achieve maximum power. The combat recalls Nintendo’s Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, and demands more strategy than you might expect.

Those Nintendo franchises have produced some of the funniest games on the market, so perhaps there’s something about the turn-based RPG that lends itself to comedy. In any case, over the 12 hours I played The Stick of Truth, I found myself laughing dozens of times — sometimes at its broad slapstick, other times at more subtle gags.

For example, there are hundreds of collectible items hidden in South Park, and nearly every one has a joke attached. (The profane text accompanying Phil Collins’ Oscar indicates Parker and Stone are still bugged about losing the 1999 best original song trophy to him.)

Some of the targets are outdated — what have Al Gore and Rob Schneider done to anyone lately? But that could be the result of the game’s long, somewhat turbulent development history.

South Park has always been aware of video-game culture, and some of the funniest elements of The Stick of Truth play off familiar tropes from the likes of Call of Duty, Final Fantasy and Skyrim. A tremendous joke about Canada two-thirds of the way through is the cleverest twist I’ve seen in a AAA game in years. But even before then, this game is packed with so much comedy that you’ll forgive some uninspired gameplay.

Just don’t play in front of your kids. Or your parents.

LOTRO: MMORPG; love this game, (certifies i am a nerd)

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Watching all three Lord of The Rings movies, DVD Extended-Directors cut editions, takes about like 10 hours- ive done that in one sitting many times;] (The Fellowship is playing in my dvd player as I type).

LOTRO (Lord of The Rings Online, wiki link) MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game: wiki link) is one of the awesomest games that I love playing. It’s one of those, if you’re a gamer and a nerd and all that, games you will always have sitting on your HDD and jump in and  play 10mins to hours on end every week at least.

You can play the ten day free trial, instead of buying the entire game, and paying the monthly play service fee.

Here’s a little background and of the game and its developmental future:

As of the Siege of Mirkwood Expansion, The Lord of the Rings Online is set during The Fellowship of the Ring. The player starts simultaneously with Frodo and company leaving The Shire. The timeline is currently set at the Fellowship’s recent escape from Moria and their resting in Lothlórien.

In the initial release, only the area of Eriador was available. Eriador was further divided in Ered Luin, The Shire, Breeland (this included the area around Bree, the Old Forest and the Barrow-downs), North Downs (Fornost), Lone Lands (the area around Amon Sûl), Trollshaws (the area surrounding Rivendell), Misty Mountains (then excluding Goblin Town), Angmar and the Ettenmoors. There have been 2 new major regions added to the game since launch, The Shores of Evendim update added the region surrounding Lake Evendim and Annúminas, about 100 miles north of the Shire. Book 13, Doom of the Last King added Forochel, a snowy tundra, as a new zone, while other books have added areas such as player housing, or expanded already existing zones, such as the addition of Goblin town and the High pass to the Misty Mountains. With the release of the Mines of Moria expansion, Turbine also released Book 15 for players not purchasing the expansion pack. The free update allowed players to travel to the main part of Eregion. Players who purchased the Mines of Moria Expansion have access to the entirety of Eregion, Moria, and Lothlórien. This type of expansion was continued with the release of the latest in the series: the Siege of Mirkwood, this released the region of south Mirkwood including Dol Guldur and the latest storyline continuation Book 9 to those who purchased the game. Turbine have stated that their intention is to eventually fill in the entirety of Middle Earth, but prioritizing the areas visited by the Fellowship.

LOTRO (Lord of The Rings Online; MMORPG; new features

Play a friggin game: why now an MMORPG


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My fav online game is The Lord of the Rings Online and you can always sign-up and play it free for 10 days. try it @:

Play The Lord of the Rings Online for 10 Days Free!

main web site:

PC game, fun: Torchlight

Torchlight , watch the flash movie clip up top of that site, pretty fun game.

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since taking the many flash based courses at butte college i know how difficult it is to create any kind of good looking, and more importantly- good working, navigaton and whatnot, and its been awhile sine ive come across a beautiful flash site, those out there that know adobe flash animation and programming, will enjoy this some.

its for a pc game bio shock 2. so check it out @:

this is the best i got, did win 1st place in the chico state-butte college art show ;] check it out too @:

and the rest of my 2d animation (flash) projects here:

The Lord of the Rings Online; yes im a nerd ;/

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