Best Google Easter Eggs

Google doesn’t shy away from a joke, and always make an appearance on April Fool’s Day. If you know where to look you will discover treats the company has hidden around the web. They have left many throughout the years, but only a few have stuck around.

Google Search

Google has the answers to any question you could possibly have, but sometimes the search engine itself likes to have a little fun.

Askew: When you search for the word “askew” or “tilt,” your window will do just that.

Barrel roll: If you ask Google to “do a barrel roll” your screen will do a 365 degree turn.

Bacon number: Kevin Bacon has done so much work in Hollywood that any actor can be connected to him in five steps or less through their work. Going through all the work every actor has done can be tedious, which is why Google took care of it for you. When you type in a celebrity’s name followed by “bacon number” you will see how connected that person is to the Footloose star.

Blink search: Cheeky searches don’t end there. Search for “blink html” and the results will blink at you.

Atari: This is the perfect way to play a game at work while pretending you’re just looking for an image. Google image search “Atari breakout” and find yourself in the middle of a game.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: If you query Google about the “answer to life, the universe and everything” you’ll find the answer as defined by author Douglas Adams at the end of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series: “42.” Someone at Google is apparently a huge Hitchhiker’s Guide fan because they also added a joke to the back of the Chromecast. In small print it says “H2G2-42,” which makes a reference to the title and the answer to the meaning of life.

The Loneliest Number: If you ask Google what the loneliest number is, it answers with the number one. Sigh. The same thing happens when you type “the number of horns on a unicorn,” and searching for a baker’s dozen brings up the number 13.

Retro Google: Take a step into a time capsule and see what Google looked like in 1998. Search for “Google in 1998,” and you can see what life was like almost 2o years ago.

Recursion: For those who don’t know, recursion is the process of repeating things in a pattern. Search for recursion and Google will ask you if you meant to say “recursion.” Get it?

Festivus: Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite holiday gets a shout out on the search engine when you type in Festivus. The plain aluminum pole will appear on the side.

Blue Moon: The phrase “once in a blue moon” means something only happens every once in awhile. Google figured out how often that actually is.

Nag a ram: An anagram is when you rearrange the letters in a word to create other words. When you search for the word, Google suggests you also look for “nag a ram.”

Language changes: Never to be outdone by Facebook, Google added humorous language changes. You can now search in Pirate or Swedish Chef language.

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Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

This was, well there’s a date in it, 2006-2007, an all flash multimedia portfolio, lots of layers, man o man, but i loved it and still do. somehow it came out great; but never complete. it never could be; a portfolio of your multimedia artwork that is also; as it happens to be, a piece of my multimedia artwork portfolio on

Excuse the dead links, this has lots of external stuff not just one swf, or flv, whatever now.. (–> HTML 5) and has survived traveling from mac to pc to usb flash and hdds, as well as all over the internet and different hosts.

check it out here:

or here:

What is the difference between 2.4 GHz & 5GHz?

What is the difference between 2.4 GHz & 5GHz?


This article will explain the differences and advantages of the two frequencies of a Dual Band Wireless Router.


  • what is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5Ghz
  • which is better, the 2.4GHz or the 5Ghz


The major difference between 2.4GHz & 5GHz is the range and the bandwidth. 2.4GHz frequency can reach  farther than the 5GHz frequency. So if your requirement is coverage rather than bandwidth, you should select 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz. Higher the frequency the attenuation of waves will be more.  



2.4GHz encounters more interference compared to the 5GHz signal, reasons being,

  • Most of the wireless devices run on 2.4 GHz starting from cordless phones, Microwaves, Bluetooth, amateur radio & Television, etc.
  • Only 3 non-overlapping channels (channel 1, 6, & 11) compared to 23 in 5GHz which isolates the 5 GHZ from other signals around.

Overall the 5GHz has shorter range compared to the 2.4GHz.  It is recommended to select the 2.4 GHz if you using computers and wireless devices to access the Internet for simple browsing and email.  These applications do not take too much bandwidth and work fine at a greater distance.

However, if you are in a place which is crowded with more wireless signals, it is advisable to use the 5GHz network to avoid interferences. Furthermore, the 5GHz is most suited for devices which require uninterrupted wider bandwidth for video/audio streaming or multimedia content.

Comcast; “We Don’t Give a F_ck”

Amazon Appstore for Android – 31 Free Apps worth $100+ Right Now!

..Nope; no ‘Free App of The Day’… but how about 31 apps, free (retail $100+), for two days?

If you use an android device, you SHOULD know about the amazon app store. If you don’t know, Amazon Appstore for Android is awesome, but don’t look for it in the play store, its not available from Google’s play store, go to and follow the steps

It’s convenient cuz its tied to your already existing amazon account; but that’s not the point, the best is the featured ‘Free App of the Day’, and randomly; on special occasions, and/or on holidays they do some crazy sh*t.

Today through tomorrow; Saturday, June 28th, they have a selection of Android apps ranging from games, utilities, and more, worth over $100 buckaroos all free; already on my phones and tablet ;] check it out:

Picking a new Android smartphone; has it become too much work?

HTC Okay, so.., OMG, I’m either getting old or things are as complicated as i thought they were getting; i want another android device to add to my collection, replace and use as my main phone  – voice/text/chat – but of course i want ‘the best’, the best just means of right now but also doesn’t cost $4,000 dollars 🙂 You know what I mean.


SAMSUNGMy phone right now is the Verizon galaxy S3, rooted with CyanogenMod 11, and I’ve been loving it, while starting the process of picking a new phone, I kinda decided against the S5, i don’t know why, seems too much like what I’ve got but with a bigger screen? -I know; that is way, over-simplifying it.. but I want different features like the speakers on the One, that’s cool -and anyway, I loved HTC way back from the Eris, to the Incredible.

So how come there are so many different versions of [any phone] the HTC One? …and not differently-named but same-versions for whatever specific carrier,. -Verizon has like 3 or 4 variations of the One if I’m not mistaken, and,… here’s the kicker, why i even bothered to write this, is that,… They are all super-vary-similarly spec’ed out, ugh..

Now.. I don’t even know how to word my question, basically, what’s you’re opinion, recommendation, reviews, or comments, or just a quick ‘anything’ response; help me out.. ;]

Please respond, comment, add opinions below, or on Twitter @KevinSeeger, on Google Plus +KevinSeeger, even on Facebook @KevinSeegerChico



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