what to do, what to do.. oh yea

It’s currently 2:26am, Friday, Oct 9th, 2015, and this is what there is to do, it’s nothing scary, bad, hurtful, just this, –


..i am getting as close to doing what i use to do to release pain,.. -cut, then when i want to, or have to, i fight it, while cleaning my room or something, then goto cj’s for a midnight snack and take a walk or something else unplanned, like a drive, a drink, a line, and a few swallowed kpins. Mentally accomplished; I should have mixed up, side ways emotions, up, happy, depressed, worthless, victorious, same old crap (melancholy), pointless, love -Kevin FamouSeeger

Good Morning,.. As Long As You Love Me

Wow, after an protect review…

This is the stupid message I receive from an Amazon Seller after I submitted my review of a product I bought from them..

It basically says, “we appreciate your feedback, but since it’s not positive, press take it down” -F### that noise..

————- Begin message ————-


Thank you for your purchase from tgoms Amazon Store.
We appreciate your feedback.
we just want to request to you for feedback removal.
If you have any questions or concerns, Please email us

Thanks and Best Regards

————- End message ————-

Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

This was, well there’s a date in it, 2006-2007, an all flash multimedia portfolio, lots of layers, man o man, but i loved it and still do. somehow it came out great; but never complete. it never could be; a portfolio of your multimedia artwork that is also; as it happens to be, a piece of my multimedia artwork portfolio on

Excuse the dead links, this has lots of external stuff not just one swf, or flv, whatever now.. (–> HTML 5) and has survived traveling from mac to pc to usb flash and hdds, as well as all over the internet and different hosts.

check it out here:

or here:

Watch “In My Place” by Kevin Seeger


BIRTHDAYS ARE SPECIAL, except they’re no longer anything to care about for yourself, after you’re 21st birthday – the ‘specialness’ is kinda over, that’s why you gotta make sure and say:

Hay!, it’s your birthday, and happy it up, and if you can’t, I’ll try to make it a happy birthday, unless it costs more then 4 dollars, that’s all i have


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