Now My Whole Team F*ckin’ Here


what to do, what to do.. oh yea

It’s currently 2:26am, Friday, Oct 9th, 2015, and this is what there is to do, it’s nothing scary, bad, hurtful, just this, –


..i am getting as close to doing what i use to do to release pain,.. -cut, then when i want to, or have to, i fight it, while cleaning my room or something, then goto cj’s for a midnight snack and take a walk or something else unplanned, like a drive, a drink, a line, and a few swallowed kpins. Mentally accomplished; I should have mixed up, side ways emotions, up, happy, depressed, worthless, victorious, same old crap (melancholy), pointless, love -Kevin FamouSeeger

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Kevin Seeger’s MultiMedia Artwork Portfolio – Portfolio Magazine

Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Proud; ‘Kevin Seeger is Kevin Seeger in a Kevin Seeger production..

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

Flash Multimedia Portfolio thumbnail

This was, well there’s a date in it, 2006-2007, an all flash multimedia portfolio, lots of layers, man o man, but i loved it and still do. somehow it came out great; but never complete. it never could be; a portfolio of your multimedia artwork that is also; as it happens to be, a piece of my multimedia artwork portfolio on

Excuse the dead links, this has lots of external stuff not just one swf, or flv, whatever now.. (–> HTML 5) and has survived traveling from mac to pc to usb flash and hdds, as well as all over the internet and different hosts.

check it out here:

or here:

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