September 11th – 12 Years Have Passed

September 11th

September 11th – 12 Years Have Passed

It’s a very small gesture, but it reminds us.. I’m sure other people can say the same thing; I can remember exactly what i was doing and where I was when the news coverage first started unfolding the attacks. – We watched it all first period in high school while in my driver’s education class.


Easy PC Updates (security) #1

Check if you have the newest version of Java.

What is Java? It’s not fancy coffee ;] – But an engine which runs certain scripts on web pages that use them. Kinda more advanced things on some pages and sites use Java.

Check if you are running the newest version and after – check if your PC has any old versions hanging installed; both of these things can help with the security and functionality of your PC.

There is a Help page that can answer questions for you on the official Java website. (

Official Java Website