‘Top Gear’ is officially dead

When Clarkson and friends were kicked off Top Gear, we all had an inkling the show was never going to be the same.


Top Gear (BBC) – a Jeremy Clarkson, ‘uh-oh’

Ofcom examines Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear Myanmar joke The show saw Clarkson (left) and his co-hosts face a series of challenges Media regulator Ofcom is investigating whether a recent episode of Top Gear, which included a controversial joke about Asian people, broke its rules. Host Jeremy Clarkson used a derogatory term during the Burma Special, …

60 Minutes – BBC Top Gear

60 Minutes interview with the co-hosts of the BBC Top Gear television show - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May Related articles Jeremy Clarkson criticised over 'insensitive' Michael Schumacher joke on Twitter (mirror.co.uk) BBC Confirms They Have No Idea What Jeremy Clarkson Is Talking About (jalopnik.com) Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond Busted for Speeding in …